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Take Heart

by Nicole Zell

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I just wanna be back to normal I just wanna know who I am Everyone knows where they're going But I'm stuck in no man's land We all have on and off days Mine are always off it seems It's torturous comparing myself to something I am never gonna be I just wanna get myself back together again I don't know what that looks like cause maybe I never did All the people walking by Looks like they have a plan Everyone knows where they're going But I'm stuck in no man's land Can't love something I'm dead inside to Keeping everyone happy is something I can't do Sometimes everything is what you have to lose To realize what you've lost sight to Chorus I beg God every day to show me where to go On my knees I pray, for to You I live up my soul
Wounds 04:00
These thoughts they weigh on me, weigh on me heavily These nightmares prey on me, prey on me in my sleep My bones are crumbling, crumbling with insecurity My body aches and pleads, pains and screams for delivery Take heart, take heart I'm a gonna I'm a gonna heal I'm a gonna I'm a gonna heal These wounds are festering, festering relentlessly This life is testing me, testing me and I'm failing My spirit hopes and prays, heaves and sways to be free I just must have faith, must have faith for healing Chorus My demons crushed within, crushed within everlastingly My soul shouts and sings, shouts and sings the victory Chorus
Brother 04:25
Brother I haven't seen you for awhile I hardly recognize you Brother where's your sweet smile And where have your kind eyes gotten to? I remember how beautiful you used to be But now you're shrouded in a dark identity You're slowly killing yourself And it's slowly killing me To see the boy I grew up with Living so recklessly I wish you could go back To be the brother I once had Brother I wish I could take it from you All the pain you've had throughout your years But brother you sold your soul And became all your worst fears I wish you could see your heart of gold inside But you're caught in cobwebs of self hate and lies Chorus Brother do you remember our deal Remember what you promised me You said you'd turn your life around If I end this song happily But there's nothing happy to write about you now So it's up to you to prove me wrong somehow
Start 02:50
Sometimes I wanna be someone different Sometimes I get tired of the same old thing Sometimes I wanna cut my hair real short Throw out my whole wardrobe impulsively Sometimes I wanna hop a jet and never come back Sometimes I wanna quit this scene, get a 9 to 5 Sometimes I think I wanna live out of a suitcase Sometimes I think I wanna sever all my ties I'm always gonna wanna change my life some way But I'm right where I should be so I'd be smart to stay Life ain't perfect but I wake up blessed every day So I just gotta start living my life today Sometimes I hear frantic voices in my head, Beckoning me to give in, get lost, let go But I always hear the whispers of the Reassurer, Leading me to fight back, find my way, hold on I'm not gonna let darkness stand in my way I'm starting over and I'm gonna be okay There's a Higher Power so I don't have to be afraid I just gotta start living my life today


Released on her 20th birthday, "Take Heart" is a collection of songs written by Nicole Zell throughout her late teens, detailing her experiences of losing a loved one to suicide, struggling with her own mental health, witnessing a close friend's battle with addiction, and ultimately, her pursuit for healing which was heavily centered around her faith at the time.


released November 1, 2014

Produced by Mark Ferris
Vocals, acoustic guitar by Nicole Zell
Vocals, electric guitar, and piano by Mark Ferris
Violin by Zoe Lynch
Cover art by A.D. Haasland
Design by Mark Ferris


all rights reserved



Nicole Zell

Born to a musical family in rural Pennsylvania, Nicole Zell grew up writing songs, teaching herself instruments, and performing live from an early age. After touring nationally with American Wolves, fronting THRILLCHASER, and receiving notoriety from Billboard, Fuse TV, TODAY with Hoda and Jenna, and more, Nicole found her voice again on empowering debut solo album, Asleep To My Own Magic. ... more

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